Pylon Signs

Baron sign Manufacturing builds custom pylon signs that are commonly found at gasoline stations, restaurants, malls, stores, and other businesses.  These tall signs attract shoppers in search of your business or attract customers passing by.

Pylon signs which are commonly referred to as pole signs or freestanding signs are outdoor signs that are mounted on one or multiple poles. They can be either single sided or double sided. They’re commonly lighted and often installed in a highly visible location not attached to a building.

Baron Sign Manufacturing offers custom pylon signs that feature large lightbox to showcase the company’s name and logo. Pylon signs for malls and shopping centers consist of several lightboxes built into a base of the pylon sign. Each Businesses logo is featured on a separate lightbox face. This layout promotes each business in a single location.

Baron Sign Manufacturings pylon signs can catch the eye of passing customers from long distances. Pylon signs give drivers time to slow down and turn into your businesses location. Baron Sign Manufacturing can build a custom pylon sign to the exact specifications that local signage height restrictions allow.

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