Channel Letters

When a customer walks up to a storefront the first thing they see is the sign displaying the retailer’s name. These signs are most often channel letters, which create an attractive and unique appearance. Channel letters are made to stand out from the building and are usually built of aluminum making them very light and versatile. Though this is the case they are durable and able to endure high winds and varying weather conditions.

Channel letters are made as individual pieces and come in a variety of color and illumination options. They contain Plexiglas faces with aluminum sides and backs. Illumination options are front lit, reverse lit, front/backlit (duel lit) and open face. They provide versatile exterior illumination for an image that creates a strong impact.

For a decorative effect digitally printed graphics can be applied to the sign face and can be illuminated with either neon or LED lights. Most businesses choose to have their signs lit with LED lights in an effort to be more environmentally friendly and at the same time lessen their operating expense to light and service the sign since LED illumination lasts much longer than neon. A variety of colors can be used to illuminate channel letters with LED with red being the most popular and the least expensive option followed by white.

LED illumination is cost efficient, long lasting and provides brilliant light. It requires minimal energy and contains no toxic components. This option in illuminating channel letters saves time and money while still maintaining a high-quality attractive appearance. They are reliable and offer the most advanced illumination technology to date.

Channel letter signage supplies a business with 24-hour client awareness. They attract customers throughout the day and are far more noticeable from a greater distance day or night. Channel letter signs can bring higher brand recognition and lead to additional sales. For eye-catching signage that stands out from other businesses, this option is a great advertising tool to get your brand noticed and draw more customers through your doors. Baron Sign Manufacturing provides channel letters as well as all other types of signage options to meet their client’s needs.

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