Electrical signs

As technology advances business signage choices expand to include energy saving illuminated signs that last for years saving time and money. These environmentally friendly electrical signs can be seen from a greater distance and provide branding information such as company logos and other business identification icons. Electrical signs show that a business is using up to date technology, which can draw customers to make purchases, or use services advertised within.

Baron Sign Manufacturing has been providing custom signage for businesses of all types for over 35 years. We create customized signs for retailers, shopping centers, hotels, churches, schools and more. We design custom signs to meet each business’s specific needs by using computerized state of the art routers, shears, letter benders and break forming machines. Through computerized equipment, Baron Sign manufacturing can accommodate even the most precise sign preferences.

Baron Sign Manufacturing not only provides electrical signs that are highly visible but they also take the environment into consideration. This is why they have implemented the use of several new sustainable products into their manufacturing processes. LED lights for energy saving illumination, low VOC paints coated though HVLP sprayers, recycled material and more into their product line. They understand how making these simple changes will benefit those in the future by protecting the environment of today.

Baron Sign Manufacturing uses the highest quality materials, eco-friendly products and uses their extensive signage experience to create custom signage for business big or small. For interior, exterior, electrical or directional signs contact Baron Sign Manufacturing.