Delray Beach Market

Baron Sign Manufacturing: Illuminating Success at Delray Beach Marketplace

Baron Sign Manufacturing took center stage as we were chosen to craft and install the exterior signage package for the prestigious Delray Beach Marketplace. Our dedicated team embarked on this exciting project, which involved the creation and installation of three sets of open-faced channel letters, each adorned with a captivating red shadow effect, expertly powder coated, and illuminated with light bulbs. Two expansive sets were positioned atop the building, while one smaller set was mounted to a wireway, gracing the entrance of the parking garage.

The journey to achieve this outstanding result was not without its unique challenges. While meeting a tight timeline and delivering a stunning set of architectural letters, we faced several hurdles. Perhaps the most unexpected challenge was the scarcity of exterior-grade light bulbs, a consequence of the supply chain shortages prevalent at that time. Locating a supplier who could provide the 1,200 light bulbs required proved to be a formidable task, consuming over 60 man-hours of effort.

Another remarkable challenge emerged when we were tasked with mounting the south elevation letters in front of a decorative screen that extended 8 inches from the building. This required an extraordinary level of coordination to ensure that the spacing between these letters was consistent with those on the north side. To overcome this obstacle, we introduced additional aluminum bracing behind the decorative screen to support our letters. This allowed us to maintain the aesthetics while ensuring a flawless installation.

On the north elevation, we navigated around the rebar embedded in the concrete, and in the parking garage, we adjusted our installation approach to avoid interfering with the post-tension cables in the ceiling. Both of these locations demanded close collaboration with Gonzalez Architects and the General Contractor, Kast Construction, highlighting our unwavering commitment to a seamless outcome.

In the end, our steadfast commitment resulted in the on-time and precise execution of the Delray Beach Marketplace signage project. Our entire Baron team takes great pride in our integral role in this success, and we’re excited to continue demonstrating our expertise in future ventures.