Custom Sign Design

At Baron Sign Manufacturing, we guide you through the design process of a customized business sign project, signage development process, and the selection of materials.

Signage is the least expensive yet most effective form of marketing available. It is your handshake with those passing by a company vehicle or business location, identifying you to existing and potential customers. Signage is always on the job for you – advertising your business and projecting your brand image to the community all day, every day.

Sign design is crucial in bringing any sign to life. It’s only natural that design takes up the most work and effort. Brands are always competing for the top spot and each brand wants to stand out. To achieve this, along with their branding efforts, their signage also has to stand out too. After all, signs are the first brand contact point. Signage design does more than build brand awareness — it communicates the brand message and image. This is why successful establishments take signage design very seriously.

Here at Baron Sign Manufacturing, we understand the importance of the design process. Every single element within a sign, from its colors to the lighting and text, serves its own purpose. It is important for the design to match the brand’s image and values. At the same time, signs need to be engaging and exciting. That is what attracts customers in today’s world. However, you also do not want to lose your essence in the process. Yes, designing creative signage takes time, effort and some experience. This is where our team of experienced sign designers can make your life easier. Our team begins with extensive research on your brand and the image you are trying to create. It is only after studying your brand in the context of current markets that we recommend ideas and begin the processes of conceptualization and creation. Baron Sign Manufacturing assures you that we will work closely with you to ensure that the signs of match your expectations and brand aspirations. Our expert team of sign designers is ready to take on any challenge.