Building Green

Building Green makes economic sense. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Baron has made a commitment to the environment. We have introduced several new products in our manufacturing processes that are sustainable and will assist in achieving LEED points under the U.S. Green Building Certification Rating System, (USGBC). Green factors including energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental air quality, minimal impact on the environment and community are considered from initial design to final completion.

We have adopted low voltage LED illumination as our standard illumination system in all possible sign systems. LED illumination is much more energy efficient than neon or fluorescent tube illumination with no toxic components. And since LED illumination is longer lasting, replacement time and cost is reduced. By using LED systems we save customers’ time and money. Our customers prefer the brightness and appearance over neon and fluorescent lighting systems.

We have instituted the use of acrylic and aluminum back photopolymer into our interior sign product line. This material is sustainable because of its base material (acrylic and aluminum). The process of photopolymer signage is considered green because the polymer or etching layer is water soluble meaning no harmful chemicals are required for processing and the byproducts do not cause harm to the environment.

We use Low VOC Matthews acrylic base polyurethane as our standard paint coating. This paint is sprayed using Specialized High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint applicators to achieve superior color coatings with minimal overspray and waste. When at all possible we use a solid digital print to coat our material which eliminates VOC emissions altogether while still achieving a quality full-color appearance.