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Sustainable Signs

Through an environmental commitment Baron Sign Manufacturing of Riviera Beach Florida has chosen to fabricate a series of sustainable signs. These signs provide minimal long-term effects on the environment through skillful and mindful design. Sustainable signs from Baron Sign Manufacturing are built with energy efficiency, cost savings and environmental air quality in mind from initial design to final completion. Each sign is built of high quality, eco friendly materials that require very little maintenance indefinitely.

Baron Sign Manufacturing has implemented the use of three specific components into their sustainable sign, which include LED illumination, photopolymer, recycled material, rapidly renewable material and Low VOC Matthews Acrylic Paint. Each component offers a more environmentally friendly method in custom sign design and fabrication. From non-toxic components to longer lasting, low waste materials, Baron Sign Manufacturing is taking the nest step in the "Green" way of business today.

LED illumination creates a high brightness that offers reliable illumination providing long lasting light. LED's consume very little energy and are effective in both interior and exterior illuminated signage. By using the latest advances in illumination Baron Sign Manufacturing of Rivera Beach, Florida is maintaining its high quality standard while choosing illumination that saves their clients time and money while providing bright and attractive illuminated signs.

Photopolymer is the most versatile sign material for producing interior and exterior signs that comply with ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines). This material offers a one-piece panel construction in a wide variety of sizes and thickness. It offers durability and raised tactile copy for graphics and grade II Braille. Photopolymer is useful in the production of access signs, room identifiers, directional signs and more. They can be wall mounted such as at restrooms or offices. The etching layer of polymer is water-soluble making it environmentally friendly. No harmful chemicals or by products to harm to the environment.

Low VOC Matthews Acrylic Base Paint offers eco friendly paint that is applied through a specialized high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint applicator sprayer. It provides superior color coating with minimal overspray reducing waste and VOC's or volatile organic compounds. Baron Sign Manufacturing also uses solid digital print coating, which eliminates VOC emissions all together. These choices offer durable long lasting product life with less recoating and minimum waste for the best choice in eco friendly finishes.

Baron Sign Manufacturing has taken the time to research and implement these green components into as many of their custom sign creations as possible. They have the desire to provide their customers with "green" sustainable signs that don't just meet eco friendly guidelines but exceed them in the thought of benefiting future generations.

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