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LEED Signs

Baron sign manufacturing is proud to produce LEED signs, which are an environmentally friendly signage choice. These signs are illuminated using low voltage LED (light emitting diode) lighting. LEDs are more cost efficient, contain no mercury, produce less carbon dioxide and provide attractive illumination for signs of all shapes and sizes.

Baron Sign Manufacturing has adopted low voltage LED illumination as their standard illumination system in all possible sign systems. By using LED systems they save customers time and money. Their customers prefer the brightness and appearance to neon and fluorescent lighting systems.

Alongside of using LED illumination Baron Sign Manufacturing is also using photopolymer and eco friendly phenolic in their interior sign product line. These materials are "green" because of their base material. The manufacturing process of photopolymer signage is considered green because the polymer or etching layer is water soluble meaning no harmful chemicals are required for processing and the byproducts do not cause harm to the environment. This process has made Baron Sign Manufacturing LEED complaint meeting standards of the U.S. Green Building Certification Rating System.

Baron Sign Manufacturing is also using Low VOC Matthews acrylic base polyurethane as their standard paint coating. To prevent waste through over spray they use Specialized High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint applicators while still achieving superior color coatings. When possible they use a solid digital print to coat their materials eliminating all VOC emissions while achieving a quality full color appearance. Through these changes Baron Sign manufacturing is still ensuring high quality signage through environmentally sound materials and mindful fabrication for signage that is good for the customer and the environment.

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