LED Illumination
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LED Illumination

Baron Sign Manufacturing has adopted low voltage LED illumination as their standard illumination system in all possible sign systems. LED stands for light emitting diode. These LED illuminators use less energy, offer longer life without service, improve brightness and contains no mercury making it the "Green" choice.

LED Illumination Benefits

This environmentally friendly lighting choice allows signage illumination to reduce its carbon footprint by 63%. A 13-watt LED light emits 63 pounds of CO2 per year while the average 40-watt light bulb emits 196 pounds of CO2 in the same time period. LED lighting technology has advanced in many areas including cost reduction and illumination quality as well as longevity. Baron Sign Manufacturing has developed efficient manufacturing methods to ensure that LED illuminated signage can be produced for the same cost as other less "green" lighting sources due to these manufacturing methods and technological advances.

Baron Sign Manufacturing is now using LED lighting for "green" signs and LEED complaint signs. LED illuminators are the signage lighting choice for their brilliance and attractive appearance as well as for their the environmentally friendly benefits making them the number one choice of Baron Sign Manufacturing customers.

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